Me in Brief

I am Akinloluwa Olumoroti.
So many things in this little body.
I am a creative intelligent being; a physicist, a soccer junkie and an alternative energy enthusiast. I am blunt and sapiosexual.
In Yoruba, I am described as “Omo Akin a r’ogun ma sa, a r’ogun ma tidi, to nfi ogboju gba ibon l’owo omo ojo” – The son of Akin, who never retreats at the sight of war, who never gets anxious. But instead snatches guns from the hands of scared warriors.
I am strongly choleric, yet deeply phlegmatic. I think eating rice without dodo is a torture. I am very romantic (not the Mills and Boon
assortment) with a practical touch. I love it when plans come together and I enjoy conversations. Conversations devoid of deviousness. I value
relationships, truth, wisdom, discernment and justice. I like to travel and I am in love with words.
Did I mention that I love to freeze people’s memories and I also write.
I love God.